So, sometimes people get upset with me over commissions, mostly the fact that I rarely do them, and I don’t like random people asking me to use my 3d printer. I’m going to take a bit of my time and explain to everyone why I don’t!

First of all is the prices people expect to pay. Yes, filament is cheap! Me hearing the printer run for 9 hours straight isn’t. Also the time for me to make sure it’s calibrated, the bed is right, everything is setup properly is also taxing. Now, most people don’t come to me with a model, they want me to find or make a 3d model. That takes times! I have yet to have someone offer to pay for that time.

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Site was down for a bit. My bad! Had a bad plugin. Problem solved.

Anyways, finishing my Mandalorian outfit still, then starting on Red Hood. Should be fun to do something new, right?

Haven’t sleep much in a week. Having massive insomnia, and no idea how to stop it. I’m lucky to get 3 hours of sleep a night right now. Expect an actual blog post in a few days.

Well, December is here. Weather is weird as hell, as always. I still have the ongoing infection, I might be on IV antibiotics soon. Not my ideal outcome. Working more on 3d modeling, using the printer since I have filament again, but not much. My GoPro won’t work anymore, so I have another piece of useless tech in the house. Slowly leveling characters on Marvel Heroes, Wildstar, and World of Warcraft, not much else to do. Taking 3d printing commissions now for cosplay props, but not having much luck so far. Anyways, I’ll try to update the site more regularly in the future and stay more in touch.

Dark, gritty, and it is not another Nolan film.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a departure from your standard dark-and-brooding Batman films of DC. Gods and Monsters focuses on an alternate-Earth Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, with a fair amount of screen time dedicated to all three, without favoring one over another. The story is interesting, and delves into the background of the three heroes. While it attempts to have a mystery, the movie falls a bit short on overall plot, and it could have easily been another 30 minutes longer, just to delve a bit deeper on some subjects.

Overall, it is worth a watch. Giveaway after the break.

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Due to the increased cost of tickets for the Steampunk Symposium in 2016, the Fortune’s Ember is likely going to be departing from the convention. It is not with a fond farewell, but with muttered words and angry fists shaken. In other news, this opens up money and time for other travel and conventions! We are looking into better, more enjoyable alternatives already, so keep an eye out for future updates!

I hate craigslist. I always have, I always will. The people who think they are geniuses at negotiation thanks to watching Pawn Stars to the people who think you will mail things without getting payment, or the ones that expect you to spend $20 on gas to drive a $5 item to them, and waste an entire day doing it. Here is one of those stories.

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