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Ultima Online – The Return

Posted By on October 11, 2014

UO1This is part one of a multi-part series that will document my return to Ultima Online. So far I have obtained a lovely keep as seen in the picture! My characters were all there, so I am already back to bootlegging whiskey and fishing for hours on end. Ultima has many new additions from the last time I played, and overall is still the fun game it once was. I highly encourage people to try the game out! Hit up UO sometime. For help check UO Stratics or the main guide website. For now, you can find me on the Chesapeake shard living in the Trinsic swamp.

Memories Regained – Surge

Posted By on October 11, 2014

2014-10-11 14.29.48Anyone alive in the 90’s will recognize this can. Surge is back! Coca Cola has joined forces with Amazon to create an unstoppable force, bringing Surge back to the people. Once more everyone can enjoy the wonders of Surge. Surge has held up all of this time, it is more than just an old memory.



Posted By on October 11, 2014

To keep the lovely readers updated, on Tuesday October 14th, I begin radiation. I undergo three treatments, have a month off, then possibly two more if the cancer remains in my liver. I will still need a transplant, this is just delaying the inevitable. Later today I will be making a non-medical post so keep your eyes peeled! Also we will be giving away some more UV/VUDU codes soon, and possibly more! Looking for sponsors for giveaways still, and we also need writers for all things nerd. For now, this is your Captain signing off.

2014 Monroe Comic-Con & Card Show

Posted By on October 5, 2014

Today was the 2nd Monroe Comic-Con and Card Show. It is a show that is local, so I stopped in for a while, entered a costume contest, and bought some stuff. Overall it was a fun little show, only $2 a person to get in at the door, a few guests, and a decent amount of vendors. Nothing truly amazing, but a fun day for a low cost! More after the break.


Brutal Honesty – Herocrate 02

Posted By on September 26, 2014

2014-09-26 00.10.23HeroCrate 02 arrived a while ago courtesy of me winning one of their Twitter contests! Yay for free things! Now with that out of the way, HeroCrate 02 has a lot of goodies inside, and below I shall talk you through all of them, with pictures of my lovely wife showing off all of the products, followed by what I, your glorious Captain Theo, feels about the company and what they offer.


Destiny – The Journey So Far

Posted By on September 25, 2014

As of writing this, I consider Destiny to be an okay game. Destiny is a lot of fun for the initial playthrough, but it quickly looses speed once Destiny hits endgame content, which does not take long.

The story in Destiny is extremely lack-luster. The game starts off well, but rapidly loses speed and stops worrying about story progression and the narrative. At the end of the game the player will be left wondering why they did anything, and what the outcome was.

Now, just finishing each mission once most likely will not get a Guardian to level 20, let alone further, so like most online games Destiny requires the player to grind experience. Once a Guardian hits level 20, it does not end there. Destiny has a soft-cap of 20, with a hard-cap of 30 that can only be reached by finding legendary and exotic armor and weapons. Doing this will take a lot of time and a lot of frustration thanks to a little bastard named the Cryptarch. The Cryptarch is the RNG-from-Hell, he will crush your dreams and drink of your tears. While playing Destiny, engrams drop. The Cryptarch decodes the engrams into equipment, but the problem is if a player finds a Legendary engram, it can give equipment of less value, far less value, which leads to the players having to continuously grind in order to get the equipment they need to progress in the game.

The worst part of Destiny is the “events” that Bungie has in the game. The current one is the Queens Wrath event. The problem with this event is it just re-uses content already in the game, and offers extremely lack-luster rewards for long, often frustrating grinds, followed up with even more frustrating missions.

Overall, Destiny has a chance to redeem itself, but the current status of the game leaves a lot to be wanted. It is a very short game if you are not interested in monotonous grinding for the end-game.

Health, Order Cancellations, Fighting Through It

Posted By on September 3, 2014

Today I learned that I can not have targeted chemo, that I need full-on radiation to deal with the cancer in my liver. Right now my life is just waiting on terrible things to happen, with little wonders in-between the terrors of the world. I’m hoping I do not lose my hair or get extremely sick. I am already underweight, and it is very difficult for me to gain weight.

I had to cancel my Sideshow Toys 1:6th scale Batman figure order today. I did not want to, but with everything going on it is what needed to be done. It is being a very rough week already and it is only Wednesday. Tomorrow I have two appointments with different specialists that will give me two different views on what I need to do that can not co-exist with each other. It is so fun.

With everything going on, each day has turned into a battle to keep fighting and to keep myself out of falling back into depression. It is not easy, but I will persist. I can not die this young! I am not ready to die yet, I must forge on and slay anything that stands in my way of life.

Photography and The Walking Dead Season 4

Posted By on September 1, 2014

I get to play photographer soon! I say play because I consider myself awful at it. I’m masquerading as a professional for a bit though. Charging up the camera now. If only the battery charged faster…

Anyways, we may be giving away a Walking Dead Season 4 digital download code! Is there any interest? Comment below and I’ll consider posting up a new contest in a few days.

Batman, Cancer, and Life

Posted By on August 31, 2014

Well, it has been a fun and a rough time recently. The cancer can not be burned out, so I get chemo. Fun stuff, huh? Now, onto the better news. I have contacted the winner of Batman: Assault on Arkham, so check your emails.


Hasbro – The Reviews Stop Here

Posted By on August 25, 2014

No more will Hasbro get any sort of publicity or advertisement from this website. After being screwed over by their poor distribution and at best questionable product control, their latest customer support blunder was the final straw. Numerous times I have had their products arrive either broken or with two right hands/two left hands, or other things that should not happen. Each time it has to be something I won’t be able to readily replace, and their idea of service is to replace it with something of “equal value”. If I wanted something of equal value I would return it to a store and get something else off the shelf, from a better company like NECA or Funko. Well, this latest round ends my support of Hasbro. I advise collectors to do their best to avoid this shady company in the future.