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I started 3d printing again since I fixed my printer! Check out some Kirby figures I’ve made this morning, the rest of this post is after the break.


So, I modeled and printed a Harley Quinn pop gun, full size! It’s huge. Hoping a friend can make a mold of it so he can sell copies, if not… well, my wife is getting the original, and I’ll consider selling printed ones, but they will be a bit expensive. I also printed out a Star Sapphire power ring that is too small for my tiny fingers even, and two Daft Punk helmets, not full-size, just desktop size.

Monroe Comic-Con is a week away, we’re vending at it! Look for Xoe and I at the Fortune’s Ember/What Nots and Wearables table, or wandering through the convention! I will be going as Constantine, she will be Hatsune Miku. Say hi, cheer for us at the costume contest, and make sure to buy our stuff!

Life has been hectic. Xoe lost a friend yesterday to a car accident. I ran out of antibiotics so my health is back to slowly deteriorating. Money is extremely thin right now, and that hurts. We just moved into a new house, but we don’t have any bedroom furniture yet, so we are living out of boxes and have our bath tub filled with clothing. We only moved next door to my parents, but I need to stay close to people with my health being as unstable as it is.

May all of my lovely readers have a great day, and keep checking the Fortune’s Ember for updates!

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Captain Theo is currently a resident of Michigan. He has end-stage liver disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and CF-related diabetes. Theo uses the Fortune's Ember website to distract himself from life. Theo does a lot of steampunk and cosplay.

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