No, I Won’t Take That Commission!

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So, sometimes people get upset with me over commissions, mostly the fact that I rarely do them, and I don’t like random people asking me to use my 3d printer. I’m going to take a bit of my time and explain to everyone why I don’t!

First of all is the prices people expect to pay. Yes, filament is cheap! Me hearing the printer run for 9 hours straight isn’t. Also the time for me to make sure it’s calibrated, the bed is right, everything is setup properly is also taxing. Now, most people don’t come to me with a model, they want me to find or make a 3d model. That takes times! I have yet to have someone offer to pay for that time.

So yeah, it can be cheap on Etsy, great, buy it there. Those people aren’t making anything for their time, while I have better things to do. Here’s some more step-by-step on it just so everyone can see more behind the scenes of it all.


Here is a print fresh off the bed!


Oh look at all of those wonderful supports to clean off…


But the top looks amazing!



Some initial support-pulling and trimming.


Finally, cleaned and sanded as much as my sanity will allow. Probably 30 minutes into the cleaning alone, and this is a simple piece. Then another 10 minutes of sanding.



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