Conventions and How to Lose Attendees and Exhibitors

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Last year the Fortune’s Ember decided to vend at a local show. It went alright, but not that great. We did well enough that we decided to return for 2016. This year we aren’t even wanting to bother.

Without notice, the show-runner decided to double the amount of exhibitors and artists, which leads to the money being spent by attendees being split that much more between various booths, which hurts our income.

Also, the venue was changed. The new venue barely has any parking, and he expects people to park off-site and wait on transit or walk over, for a small, local convention with no large draws.

Another issue is the guest lineup is more of the same people. Most of the guests were there last year, and the year before. All of the new guests are C to D list celebrities, nobody worth any note that will draw in more attendees.

Lastly, the cosplay policy is absolutely nuts, and double-standards are taken on how it is enforced and who it is enforced on. Last year someone got to wear a massive costume that completely blocked traffic as they moved, not accounting for anyone who stopped them to take pictures. It was awful, clearly against the written policy, but the policy was not enforced on them.

In 2017, we will be avoiding this show. We would not even attend this year, but we already paid for a table and have merchandise to sell. I will not be promoting this show, or aiding it in any way, nor will I be assisting the man who runs the show.

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Captain Theo is currently a resident of Michigan. He has end-stage liver disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and CF-related diabetes. Theo uses the Fortune's Ember website to distract himself from life. Theo does a lot of steampunk and cosplay.

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